north warehouse shelf

Spring Cleaning and Warehouse Auction at History Park

We are clearing out the warehouse at History Park to make way for the Bay Area Glass Institute’s new studio. We want to thank the Stella B. Gross Charitable Trust and the Hugh Stuart Center for their generous funding to make this project possible! As our curators inventoried and moved artifacts to HSJ’s state-of-the-art Collection Center, they did extensive research on each item to ensure it was relevant to the Museum’s Mission.

During the process some artifacts were removed, or “deaccessioned,” from the collection. Deaccession is a necessary museum practice that eliminates items in poor condition; that already exist in great number; have no relevance to the Mission; or are hazardous. More than 32,000 artifacts were kept, and 1,400 were removed.

As the last phase of this process, the artifacts removed from the collection will be sold at HSJ’s Spring Cleaning and Auction on Saturday, May 14th, in History Park. The funds generated will be used to enhance the collection. There will be fabulous finds — furniture, hand tools, lanterns, pianos, and rare books from the 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as a large selection of books on local and California history. Doors open and Auction Preview begins at 9:00 am; Live Auction at 10:30 am. See you there!

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