History San José preserves and enriches the cultural heritage of San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley through research, collections, partnerships, educational programs and events.

Research and Collections / we bring the past into the present helping to inform the future

HSJ preserves the Valley’s material culture, actively engaging the community in original research to share with a world-wide audience. We provide access to research through archives, social media, exhibitions and educational programs. We offer resources and assistance to anyone wishing to research local history, including artists, students, reporters, film makers, designers, business, government and you!

Partnerships / we celebrate people telling their own stories in their own way

Our partnerships enrich and inform all of our programming, and make it relevant.

Educational Programs / we believe history is not something you read about, but something you do

We serve more than 20,000 elementary age students in Santa Clara Valley, Fremont, Santa Cruz and the Peninsula. HSJ offers theme-based school programs highlighting local history that are closely linked with Common Core State Standards and new College, and Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies. Our field trips utilize object-based lessons and hands-on activities designed to teach students core competencies required for 21st century life, including empathizing, critical thinking, self-directed learning and collaborating. We also offer internship opportunities for college and graduate students.

Events / we are a destination for experiencing and celebrating the Valley’s cultural heritage

Our events focus on programming that results in active inter-generational engagement, enjoyment, and learning through a combination of hands-on crafts, storytelling, cultural performances and family-friendly, inquiry-based tours and experiences.