This is San Jose Calling Exhibit at City Hall

This is San Jose Calling! Celebrating 100 Years of Radio Broadcasting San Jose City Hall (June 4, 2009 to January 21, 2010)

This exhibition, featuring artifacts from The Perham Collection of Early Electronics, and loans from Charles Herrold’s grandson Stephen True, celebrated the world’s first regularly scheduled broadcast station in San Jose, Herrold’s FN – later KQW and then KCBS.

The exhibition was part of the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs’ City Hall Exhibitions Program, established to provide the temporary display of artwork and artifacts in San Jose City Hall. The purpose of the program was to enliven the City Hall, to celebrate the creative and diverse community of San Jose, and to engage the public.

The exhibition was made possible by research of radio experts Gordon Greb and Mike Adams, authors of the book Charles Herrold, Inventor of Radio Broadcasting, and sponsorship from KCBS.

Mike Adams, Consultant and Author
Gordon Greb, Consultant and Author

Gordon Chun Design
Joseph Cowart, HSJ Preparator
Jonathan Hirabayashi, Fabrication

History San José, Producer
KCBS, Exhibit Sponsor

Maureen Olson, Research Consultant
Sarah Puckitt, HSJ Collections Curator
Jim and Mary True
Stephen True