The Wireless Age Exhibit visits the Googleplex

A smaller version of our recent exhibit at History Park The Wireless Age: Electronics Entrepreneurs Before Silicon Valley is now on view in the Building 43 lobby at Google’s Mountain View headquarters through January 2017, made available through Google’s GoArt program.

The GoArt program is run by Google employees who volunteer their time to manage exhibit spaces throughout Google’s offices worldwide. The Building 43 lobby is a perfect space to showcase the Perham Collection’s Bay Area electronics and introduce it to a new generation of technology innovators.

Curated by Cate Mills, History San Jose’s Curator of Library & Archives — with advice from HSJ’s community curators, and prepared by HSJ’s Exhibitions Coordinator Daniel Charm, the exhibit features rare artifacts including early radio equipment by Lee de Forest, de Forest’s Audion tube, Otis Moorhead and Elmer Cunningham tubes manufactured in San Francisco, the Poulsen arc brought back from Denmark by Cyril Elwell, and Philo Farnsworth’s experimental amplification tubes and image dissector.

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