Markham House at History Park, San Jose, CA

Built in the 1860s, the Markham House was originally located at 432 South Eighth Street, on the San José State University grounds. This Greek Revival home was the residence of the poet Edwin Markham, author of the “Man with a Hoe.” Markham’s mother purchased the home in the 1870s to be near her son while he studied at San Jose Normal School. Markham made the house his principal residence until 1889.

The structure was purchased by the Edwin Markham Landmark Association, and in the 1920s was used by the University as the health cottage (infirmary). Before it was moved to History Park in 1987, it served for twenty years as the home of the San José Center for Poetry and Literature.

In March 2002, Poetry Center San José returned to the Markham House. The house is now used as a writing resource center, offering workshops, open readings, children’s writing activities, and a library. The first floor houses an exhibit of Edwin Markham memorabilia, and the second floor is used by the organization for administrative space.

The Markham House is home to Poetry Center San José.

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