Dashaway Stables at History Park, San Jose, CA

Dashaway Stables was one of three branches in San José owned by the Lick Livery and Hack Company. Built in 1888 at 130 South 2nd Street by Frederick Tennant and William Connell, Dashaway Stables held horses and carriages, commonly called “hacks.” San Joséans could rent carriages, similar to renting a car, or pay to have someone drive them on an excursion, similar to a taxi or limousine service. In addition, a livery such as Dashaway Stables was a place where people paid to have their horses fed and stabled.

By 1915, when Dashaway Stables moved to 131 South 3rd Street, it had been replaced by the Lick Garage. It continued under different owners for a number of years before being destroyed in 1928 for unknown reasons. A parking lot was later built on the site. This replica of the stables was dedicated in 1975. It is the full width of the original, but only one-third the depth.

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