HSJ’s Automobiles at 2019 Antique Autos event

Thanks to the ongoing maintenance support provided by History San Jose’s Thursday restoration shop crew, we were able to display six vehicles at this year’s Antique Auto event  Five of the six were operable:

1940 Chevrolet 3/4 ton pickup truck

1940 Chevy flatbed truck

1928 Ford Model A – Chimney Sweep truck

1916 Detroit Electric

1914 Ford Model T – Keystone Coffee truck

1903 Haynes Apperson (not quite operable)

1899 Osen & Hunt (first car built in San Jose)

This was the first public showing of the Haynes Apperson in nearly 50 years. The car is rare and its operational restoration is nearly complete.

Two additional operable HSJ vehicles sat the event out due to time: 1927 Kleiber Signal oil truck (rare San Francisco manufacturer) and the 1919 Ford Model TT – flatbed truck.

The procedures for preserving vehicles for long-term static display, and maintenance for operable condition are very similar.  With minimal interpretive use at events, the HSJ fleet should be enjoyed for years to come. 

Just a few years ago, none of our motorized vehicles were operable.   Today we are close to have nine operable.