July 2014 – July 2015

Arbuckle Gallery at the Pacific Hotel

For almost 150 years Santa Clara Valley residents have formed cycling clubs to socialize and to race; they have improved bicycles, modified them to suit their needs and styles, and have used bicycles to help the needy and to build community.

Known as the birthplace of innovation for personal computers, networking and the internet, this region is also the birthplace of bicycling innovation. Bicycles, helmets and accessories with the Avocet, Blackburn, Bontrager, Giro, Klein, Ritchey and Specialized brands were founded by Santa Clara Valley cyclists.

Silicon Valley Bikes! Passion, Innovation & Politics Since 1880 features images and artifacts from History San José’s collection, and objects from private individuals and organizations. From the 1842 Lefebvre velocipede, the world’s oldest human-powered vehicle, to the latest fixie, Silicon Valley Bikes! Passion, Innovation & Politics showcases the Silicon Valley’s rich bicycling culture and history.

(All images credit History San Jose)

The following sponsors helped to make this exhibit possible:

  • Garden City Construction
  • Wheel Away Cycle Center
  • Bicycle Express
  • San Jose Bicycle Club
  • Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club Inc.
  • Ampersand Ellipsis Jones LLC
  • Hellyer Velodrome