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Class Size and Chaperones

Please read the group size minimum and maximum for your program. The maximum group sizes have been determined based on the size of our historic buildings. Please call if your group exceeds our maximum group size. Children not registered in your class are not permitted to attend school programs due to insurance regulations. Please arrange for the required number of chaperones for your programs. Teachers and chaperones will be assigned duties and integrated into program activities. Teachers and chaperones must supervise their students at all times and are responsible for keeping students together and maintaining proper behavior.

School Program Rules

  • Students arriving at History ParkBackpacks are not permitted on museum tours.
  • Please gather lunches in a box or bag to bring to the site.
  • Pencils, pens, and paper are not permitted on tours. Please do not assign students to take notes during their tour.
  • Videotaping of complete school programs is not allowed.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in museum buildings

Cold and/or Rainy Days

  • Please have students dress appropriately during cold and rainy months. Umbrellas, jackets, and raincoats are recommended.
  • Many History San Jose programs take place outdoors and have alternative activities for rainy weather.
  • History San Jose staff are weather “experts” and can predict whether rain will affect a program with remarkable accuracy.
  • If the teacher cancels the program, History San Jose cannot promise that we will be able to reschedule your group.
  • If History San Jose must cancel your program due to weather, we will make every effort to reschedule your group. However, History San Jose is not responsible for your transportation arrangements.


Contact education @ or 408.918.1040 for general school program questions.

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