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At History San José, we invite your students to see, hear, feel and smell history come to life. Each of our eight field trips provides students with the opportunity to

  • Touch and investigate artifacts and primary sources;
  • Develop life skills such as critical thinking, empathizing, collaborating, and self-directed learning; and
  • Discover that history is not just something you read about, but something you “do.”

All school programs are led by trained staff and are closely linked with the Common Core State Standards and new College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies.

Every year over 24,000 primary school students participate in learning excursions with HSJ, and we look forward to providing a field trip that you and your class will remember for years to come.

Some think Social Studies is extra-curricular, but we say, “Think again!” At History San José, we believe the skills required for historical thinking encourage lifetime learners and thoughtful civic-minded citizens.

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History San José offers school programs at History Park or in your classroom. Programs for home school groups and scouts are available.


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