Chiechi House

Chiechi House at History Park, San Jose, CA

This house was built by John and Jane Campbell around 1880. The home and surrounding property were originally part of a group of Northrup Avenue lots called the Sainsevain Villa, owned by Pierre Sainsevain, a French immigrant. They were located at 820 Northrup Avenue in San Jose, near the intersection of Interstate 280 and Lincoln Avenue.

The land was sold several times, ending with Michele Chiechi in 1913. He had come to the United States from Italy during the 1890s and, in 1913, was joined by his wife and five children. The Chiechis were prominent Santa Clara Valley orchardists who grew apricots and walnuts on the acres behind their home. When Michele died, he left the home to his daughter Grace, who invited her brother Nick and his family to live with her. The Chiechi family remained in the house on Northrup Ave until 1973, when it was moved to History Park.

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